Client Access



Is getting clients qualified and all that paperwork getting in the way of your closings?

As a facilitator, Dunner Financial Solutions can change all that for you. Here’s how…

    • DFS partners with direct lenders so decisions are fast.
    • DFS approval rates are much higher than our competitors, decisions are based on the value of the asset, “not credit-driven!”
    • Loans ranging from 100k to $10M

Aren’t closings what it’s all about for you? And satisfied clients who refer and bring you repeat business?

We invite you to give us a try. Simply bring us a property that is clean and shows well. Call us at 718-833-7848. You will see why Dunner Financial Solutions really “IS” different. We’re truly “the broker’s best friend.”

Dunner Financial Solutions is an asset-based lender with combined experience of over 25 years in the real estate and mortgage business. And, as former brokers, we’ve walked in your shoes, so we have tailored our offer and process perfectly to match yours and your client’s needs. We make loan approvals and funding faster, easier and more attractive to you and your clients so YOU will be more successful and get more of those important closings!

Get started with DFS today and see how easy it can be! For more information, apply now here.
For immediate attention, call our office at 718-833-7848 extension 2002.